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Affirmation of the Week 11-14-2004

I feel Sexy!

Okay.... here's the weekly affirmation and it's racy..... the affirmation for this week is.... "I feel Sexy!" This one is inspired by Austin Powers. If you think about it, he did say a lot of affirmations. Sort of. He said things with a certain sexy feeling, which is what you want to do with your affirmations. Say the words and feel the feeling... for example when he says "yeah, baby!", it's not so much what he says, but the feeling he feels when he says it and we feel hearing him say it. So... in your best Austin Powers voice say "I feel Sexy!"
Affirmation of the Week 11-07-2004

I am glad to be me

And the affirmation this week is..... "I am glad to be me." This affirmation is for all the times you've been envious of someone else, or wished you had a different life. We'll if you have had those feelings, I've got news for you: The only life ya gettin' is the one ya got, so you may as well be happy ya got it! This affirmation seems very grounding to me. It's accepting of yourself, in your entirety.... Another one would be, "I'm glad I've had the life I've lived." These both may be very challenging to say. Say them any way.... and see the good things that happen.
Affirmation of the Week 10-31-2004

I feel good about myself

The Affirmation for this week is........."I feel good about myself" or the extended version "I feel good about myself as I am, right now, in this moment"....... How many times do we judge ourselves harshly each day? How many times do we tell ourselves we are too this, or not enough of that, or any other number of critical statements? How many times are other people critical of us, maybe even if they are well intentioned? (Oh! You'd look so much better if you cut your hair!) How much time do we spend internalizing those statements? Now, how many times do we praise ourselves each day? Probably not as much. It's so easy to be critical with ourselves for so many things; to accept the negative and reject the positive. Even if you don't feel this affirmation is true for you right now, say it any way. Even if you did something you're ashamed or embarrassed about, or something you regret, it's okay. Like a meditation, when you put aside your activities of the day to go inside, put aside the critical feelings you hold for yourself for a few moments and just say "I feel good about myself." Say it out loud. Let yourself feel good about you. All of you. The ego you, the mask you wear to the world, the silly you, the serious you and underneath all of those, the essence that is you. All of you. Feel good about yourself. Tell yourself that. Say this twenty times in a row, each day, and see what happens.....
Affirmation of the Week 10-24-2004

I am worthy of love

I was trying to think of one for this week and I thought of another simple yet basic one. If you wish to invite love into your life..... try this........ "I am worthy of love" or "I feel worthy of love"
Affirmation of the Week 10-17-2004

I view my body in a loving way

The affirmation for this week is.... "I view my body in a loving way" ...... or ..... "I love my body." Say that every day thirty times a day for the next week. Even if you don't feel it's true for you right now.... say it, and see what happens!
Affirmation of the Week 10-10-2004

Good things are going to happen to me

There was a period in my life that it just seemed things weren't going my way and I felt like more bad things were going to happen. So, the affirmation I said for about six months was, "Good things are going to happen to me." This was a really good one for me. Now I've read where some of the "rules" of affirmations are that they should be in the present tense, for example, "Good things are happening to me." While this may be appropriate most of the time, in my case my focus wasn't on what was happening but what might happen in the future. My expectations. I expected bad things would happen to me, so saying "Good things are going to happen to me" addressed that expectation, which was a source of my distress at that time. In hindsight I could have said both "Good things are going to happen to me" and "Good things are happening to me." I didn't. Oh well. So remember.... Good things are going to happen to you!
Affirmation of the Week 10-03-2004

I treat myself in a loving way

The affirmation for the week is "I treat myself in a loving way." We are often hardest most on ourselves, and this affirmation is a reminder to be gentle with oneself. Close your eyes, imagine yourself smiling and holding yourself, and say this out loud.
Affirmation of the Week 09-26-2004

I am Happy!

"I am happy" is the affirmation for the week, and actually for every day. I chose this one first because it's the most simple and obvious, but no one ever says it. Say it with intent, say it while feeling happy. Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by good energy and see yourself as being happy. Be happy while you say it, even if things are not so great right now. All the poop of your life will be waiting for you when you are done, but for now, choose to be happy in this moment. Try saying it ten times a day for a week and see how you feel at the end of the week.

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