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Affirmation of the Week 02-11-2007

I allow loving people to come into my life

Are you "lookin' fer luv?" Stop looking and instead invite it into your life. Why make the effort when you can sit in your Barcalounger, say a couple of affirmations and let it come to you? Kidding aside, the affirmation for this week is actually two affirmations: "I allow myself to feeling loving towards myself" and "I allow loving people to come into my life." The first deals with manifesting love within yourself and the second deals with the energy you project into the world. I forget who said it or when, or where I heard the idea that we attract the people into our lives that have similar energy to ourselves, but both affirmations are based on that idea and important for that reason. Thus these two affirmations work together to create the energy within and without to bring more love into your life. Even without a Barcalounger.....

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